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Perfect Start Puppy School

Get started with your best paw forward!

Set your puppy up for success with our Perfect Start Puppy School. In this comprehensive 6 week program we teach you how to raise a calm, attentive and well mannered dog.  A puppy specialist trainer will guide you every step of the way in raising a bouncy puppy to your dream dog. In addition to the 7+ hours of private lessons in your home, you will also receive a lifetime of support via email and phone.

The Perfect Start Puppy School covers everything from basic obedience (sit, down, stand, stays, come, mat training, drop it), animal learning theory, cooperative care and preventing common behaviour problems. It is much more comprehensive than group puppy schools and helps you set your puppy up to be happy and well-mannered. 

The first session is 90-120mins and the remaining 5 sessions are 60mins. All sessions are in the comfort of your own home and include detailed notes and ongoing email/phone support on the topics covered. 

Cost of the full puppy school is $899 if you are within our service area. If you are just after a couple of sessions of puppy training to get started? The cost is $240 for an initial consult (90-120mins) and $150 for follow ups (60mins).

Note: there is no obligation to do the whole private puppy school and you can pick and choose whatever interests you. The topics listed are a guide to the things we believe are important in puppy raising.

First session:

Help! My puppy is chewing everything.

Puppy mouthing and biting

What is good socialisation?

Toilet training

Independence exercises for separation distress

Name understanding games

Polite greetings (not jumping up)

Impulse control exercises (not stealing food)

Second session:

Drop it, tug and relationship building through play

Cooperative care and manual handling

Reading your dog’s body language

Increasing calm behaviour and café settles

Preventing resource guarding in puppies

Third session:

How dog’s learn

Sits, downs stands

Loose leash walking

Fourth session:

Coming when called basics

How to teach the best stay

Dogs and other dogs

Preventing running out the door or door dashing

Fifth session:

Mat training

Recalls games with distraction

Sixth session:

Extensions of above exercises

Where to from here!

Fun tricks

Puppy Training: Services
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