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Let’s make the most of lockdowns!

Many people have lost work or are working from home right now, these changes have been hard on people all around the globe. Like many people, I am moving to video consulting and trying to make it through the economic downturn. However, to our happy-go-lucky and unsuspecting pups this just means more time with their favourite person. Let’s make the most out of a bad situation and make the coming months your best ever for training and relationship building games!

I’m here to help and over the coming weeks I’m going to give tips on: • Fun games to play with your dog for building your relationship • Training games that help with your recall, loose leash walking and general manners • Enrichment activities to do at home • Fun tricks you can learn in an afternoon • Ways to fix and prevent problem behaviours • Any other things that you would like to learn – comment below to tell me your suggestions!

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