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Getting to know your dog

Before we inundate our dogs with too much fun, I’d like everyone to be mindful that most adult dogs sleep for 12-14 hours a day. Puppies, certain breeds and older dogs sleep for as long as 18-20 hours a day. Please be careful with drastically increasing their exercise such as walks or fetch games. Give your dog plenty of time and space for resting as feeling constantly exhausted is not good for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

This is particularly important for families with young children and people in share houses. Make sure that everyone in the house doesn’t drastically increase their needs for the house pup. Most dogs find it really hard to say no to things they love and will push themselves too much to keep you happy, so it is up to you to manage their activities.

I hope that many of you will aim for slow, sustainable changes with your dog over the coming months. As I’m personally finding out right now: it is very hard to go from 5-7 exciting outings a day to only going out for necessities and exercise. The same is true for your pup. If they get used to constant attention when you’re home it will make it harder for them when you eventually go back to work. It’s totally okay and recommended to spend some time apart even when you are home together!

So you’re home more! In the spirit of starting slowly today’s post is just about getting to know your dog better :)

What does your dog do all day?

Do they have favourite spots that they like to sleep in?

What are their favourite toys or pass times?

Where do they prefer receiving pats or scratches?

Do they get up to mischief or things you didn’t expect?

Are they surprised by your increased presence or making it difficult for you to work?

Are you noticing any behaviours which are frustrating or annoying now that you are home more?

Or are you realising just how much you love them and how much their company means to you?

I’ll be posting regularly in the coming weeks on things you can do at home with your pup.

Comment below on what you’ve learned or what you would like to learn!

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