Perfect Start Puppy School

Set your puppy up for success with our Perfect Start Puppy School. In this comprehensive 6 week program we teach you how to raise a calm, attentive and well mannered dog.  A qualified and accredited trainer will guide you every step of the way in raising a bouncy puppy to your dream dog. In addition to the 7+ hours of private lessons in your home, you will also receive a lifetime of support via email and phone.

Our scientifically advanced curriculum covers:

  • animal learning theory

  • socialisation

  • toilet training

  • puppy mouthing and chew training

  • walking nicely on leash

  • polite greetings

  • coming when called

  • drop it

  • basic obedience skills

  • mat training

  • cooperative care or manual handling

  • preventing separation anxiety

  • increasing calm behaviour

  • relationship building through play

  • and much more!

The best time to start this program is before you bring home your new puppy so we can show you how to start off on the right foot from day one. Already brought home your new puppy? No problem, this program is still suitable for puppies up to 15 weeks of age.


Is your puppy older than 15 weeks? Click here for our Chaos to Calm Package instead!

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