What training methods do you use?

I use gentle but effective reward based training methods. The goal of training should be to teach skills and appropriate behaviours. We can use play, tug, fetch, food, attention, access to the environment, sniffing or touch to get your dog on their best behaviour. You will never be asked to hurt, intimidate, yell at, shock, choke, spray, bonk, jerk or hit your dog in my training sessions. Trainers who need to resort to doing such things are rarely teaching  effectively.


Do you guarantee results?
No, as a trainer I will provide quality instruction and progressive exercises for you to work on, but it's up to you to do them. I will be there to support you if you get stuck on any aspect of training. Your results will depend on your dog and the time and effort you put in. Most people will need to spend 15 minutes a day.

What areas do you service?