Chaos to Calm Program

Are you struggling with a dog that doesn't listen? Or sick of  being dragged around outside? Do you want to be able to take your dog out for more walks, or sit at cafes with them resting at your feet? Our highly recommended chaos to calm program is just what you need! A qualified trainer comes to your home every week for 6 weeks to help with problem behaviours including:

  • stealing food from tables and counters

  • walking nicely on leash

  • dashing out the door

  • jumping up on people

  • ignoring you when outside the house


We work with you to set up great foundations so that your dog listens anytime, anywhere. This program is customisable to suit your needs, in addition to 7 hours of private in home lessons, you will receive a lifetime of trainer support via email or phone. 

Just have one or two problem behaviours or prefer to book one session at a time? Click here for Individual Private Consults.

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